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Please ignore my Phone Background, me and one of my colleges played around last Halloween..

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Due to him being a profiler and enjoying morbid things there will be triggering amterial be found on here. I will tag accordingly!
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"I have no regrets."



     ”Captain… say that when we are back behind the walls.. this sounds like a farewell message the.. your injury isn’t that bad. So hold on..”

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  • "There’s nowhere we can hide."
  • "Don’t get too close."
  • "Maybe I should kill myself."
  • "I’m not listening."
  • "No one can hurt you now."
  • "Who do you think you are?"
  • "You’re gonna catch a cold."
  • "I wish that you would just leave."
  • "I love the way you laugh."
  • "A little evil goes a long, long way."
  • "Drink the wine."
  • "Maybe we could stick around for one more drink."
  • "Here’s to us."
  • "The last few days have kicked my ass."
  • "Nothing lasts forever."
  • "I don’t know what went wrong."
  • "I don’t need you here."
  • "Did I fall asleep?"
  • "I will not die."
  • "I’ll wait here for you."
  • "I feel numb."
  • "Deal with it."
  • "I don’t care."
  • "I hate the way I love you."
  • "I have no regrets."
  • "I love you too much to hide you."
  • "I didn’t kill anybody."
  • "There is no God."
  • "All monsters are human."
  • "You look beautiful, but you don’t look fine."
  • "You’re a liar and a cheat."
  • "Why do you think I’m here?"
  • "Crap, are you pregnant?"
  • "This is just perfect."
  • "You’ve done enough already."
  • "Do you know about the box?"

I didn’t have really fun rp in weeks it feels like and that upsets me



"Please don't act like you understand me!

       Ever since I was born.. I have been alone. 

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     ❥rps any other length and style too
❥Doesn’t instant ship and is not only rping for shipping!
        (friendships, rivalries, enemies all kind of non romantic relationships are welcome!)
❥No prior knowledge about “Beyond the Boundary” is needed. Everything can be explained via rp.
    ❥100x100 icons, animated and non-animated   


  How could you possibly know how I feel?"

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Fuyukai desu!>

Kuriyama Mirai rp blog with SnK verse and can easily add others… djhfgbfdg 

Moe-est character ever //weeps

suddenly shiganshina trio nsfw headcanons in my head kdsfhgbsdfsdf

Heterochromia eren made sense cause he has like 3 canon eyecolors… But just giving it to every character now is really lame tbh…


cramps, nothing to do.. so imma try to sleep TvT


She is the death of me jdhfbdf










Human!Senketsu and Human!Junketsu by: ぽんこつ